Audience Buzz

This film is the most beautiful composition I’ve ever seen on screen. It is a deeply personal experience where the viewer is whisked away in a personal conversation with C.S. Lewis, and taken on an intimate journey wherein we a brought to the threshold of the very cosmos and shown glimpses of unimaginable wonders behind the veil. It really is that good. I cannot even fathom how an artistic masterpiece of this magnitude has been able to manifest on our screens in this age. I would have thought it impossible had I not seen it for myself. It is, truly, food for the soul — even if you don’t think you have one when you sit down; by the end, the questions presented for conscious consideration are as mind blowing as they are fascinating.”

- Samantha B.

Go knowing that you’ll have to use your brain. It’s nice to watch a movie that was intellectually stimulating! Wonderful message.”

- Heidi V.

This movie will inspire you to pursue a Christ-shaped life, to go ‘further up and further in’ to the highlands of grace.”

- Ross W.

Excellent! Such a clear portrayal of the difference between Theism and Christianity!”

- Barbara J.

The language is exquisite and elegant. I highly recommend this movie to every Christian serious about their faith and those interested in this gifted, intelligent and faithful man’s journey to truth.”

- Mary F.

The best movie I have seen in a loooong time! Even my 9- and 11-year-old grands liked it.”

- Ann D.

I took my 14-year-old lad with some trepidation, but he really followed it well and was clearly moved by it.”

- Patrick C.

It was like a personal visit with a man whose writing had impacted my life. So good!”

- Julie J.

My teenage daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it! So thought provoking and interesting. Nicholas Ralph was amazing as C.S. Lewis as a young man. In fact, all three who portrayed him were fantastic!”

- Valerie H.

Any movie that makes you think and teaches you something new is worthwhile.”

- Susan D.

My 27-year-old son enjoyed it and now is interested in the writings of such a deep thinker. We talked about the film all the way home.”

- Grace S.

The Most Reluctant Convert is an extraordinary experience and a singularly touching artistic and even spiritual experience. 4 Stars for the unforgettable The Most Reluctant Convert.

Michael Medved, The Michael Medved Show